The Nature of Custom Fabric

The nature of custom printed fabrics 

It is the nature of small run, custom, digital prints to have flaws from time to time. I will endeavour to communicate any flaws to customers before sending out orders, but it is possible that I may miss some. If this happens, please contact me 
before the fabric is washed to resolve this issue for you. 

Your happiness as a customer is important to me, and I will work with you to resolve your issue. 

  • Smudging, marks and defects along the selvage are not considered flaws. 
  • Any flaw within 10cm of the selvage is not considered a flaw due to the remaining width being usable.
  • Any single flaw in 1 metre of fabric that can be covered by a 10c piece in one metre of fabric is not eligible for a refund.
  • Tiny white specs or dots through the fabric is also considered normal and not a flaw.
  • Slight fading of fabrics after washing is not considered a flaw.
  • All custom fabrics WILL RUN on first wash to some degree, we recommend always using a colour catcher when you prewash your fabric. However, in deciding a supplier colour fastness was considered and we think you'll be happy with the colour fastness of our fabrics.
  • There can be a slight colour variation between digital design and strike offs, then again from strike offs to final fabric. This is not considered a flaw unless significant.